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Super Bowl Squares

Rival Central
Your online Super Bowl Squares destination!

Get ready for Super Bowl XLV on February 12, 2023. FREE online management of your Super Bowl Squares is here!

Your friends, family and colleagues can pick, view their squares and see if they have won - all online! Sign up to either create or join a Super Bowl Squares league.

Never played Super Bowl Squares? No problem! Learn how to play.

Why use Rival Central for your Super Bowl Squares league?

• Create as many leagues as you want online and manage them from a single account.
• Invite league members to sign up and join your league by providing them with a League ID and League Password.
• Get your squares filled quickly, all through the internet.
• League members can log in, select and view all of their squares immediately and online.
• League Commissioners can lock the squares, assign squares to players that may not have internet access, and kick out deadbeat players.
• And the best part is - IT'S COMPLETELY FREE!

Rival Central will be making changes to its core games this season and adding new games for the future. You can begin next year's pool by checking out our:

Point Pool - all players start with the same points and can risk points on each game every week.
Survivor Pool - each player picks a winning team each week.
Loser Pool - each player picks a losing team each week.
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