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Super Bowl Squares

General FAQ

What is a Competition or sometimes referred to as "Game" or "Pools"?
Rival Central offers many forms of competitions and games for its registered Members. For example, Point Pool and Survivor are available competitions. Registered user can setup leagues within the competition/game and manage their leagues online. The game is synomous to a pool.

What is a Member?
A member is a Rival Central registered user who has joined a league for a particular game. Membership are determined by the Commissioner of the league.

What is a Commissioner
A commissioner is the creator and owner of a league.

What is a League?
A league is personalized competition/game created by a user. The creator of the league is also the commissioner of the league. League are membership only associations.

What is a Team?
Teams are entries members create for their league. The members are identified by their teams within a league. Members can create multiple teams within a league to create multiple entries.

What are Game Lines or Spread?
Game lines or sometimes referred to as spread is the number of points the "favored team" must win by or the number of points the "underdog team" can lose by in a sporting event.