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Super Bowl Squares

What is the role of the Commissioner?
A commissioner is the creator and owner of a league.

Why can't I assign a co-Commissioners for a league?
Rival Central will release this feature at a later date - please check back again!

Can I add an "offline" users?
Commissions can manage offline users by adding additional teams to the commissioner account. In the future release, the commissioner will be able to differentiate between their own teams and offline teams. Please check back again!

When are picks due each week?
Picks are either due on:
1) 5 minutes before the 1st game of the week
2) 5 minutes before the 1st game Sunday. All games before Sunday will lock 5 minutes before
3) All picks will lock Thurs 7pm EST.
The commissioner has to determine this setting during the league setup process.

What happens if I forget to submit my picks by the due date/time?
Your picks will default to the top favorite teams of that week, each with the minimum bet as dictated by your league's rules. For example, if your league requires four bets at a minimum of 100 points each week, you'll be defaulted to the top four favorites of that week at a 100 points each. Can I invite other people to join the league or Rival Central?
Yes. The commissioner can enable members to invite other members to join the league.

How many teams can I create?
As a registered member, you can create as many teams as you like. The commissioner has the ability to remove any entry as needed.

When are scores updated for each league?
Scores are updated on every Tuesday at 3AM Eastern - after Monday Night Football.

When are weekly game lines/spreads posted?
Game lines are posted weekly at noon eastern on Tuesday.

Can I change the default Rival Central Game Lines?
Rival Central will release this feature at a later date please check back again!

Who calculates payout?
It is the commissioner's responsible to make sure the league's finances are in order. Rival Central provides the commission with the ability to update the rules. Detail information can be found in each League's "Rules and Information" tab. Future release will allow for detailed tracking and summary posting of league fees. Can I re-buy into the league?
This feature is not available at this time. Re-buy features will be available in the near future.