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Super Bowl Squares

For league members:
How do I join a league?
To join a league you need a League ID and a League Password. The commissioner of the league can give these to you.

How do I make Super Bowl Squares picks?
After you have joined a league, from the Squares page simply select the box you wish to select. Hit OK when the pop-up asks you to confirm your pick.

Why are the numbers in the Super Bowl Squares not assigned when I make my picks?
Some numbers are more desirable than others so the numbers are assigned only after all the picks are made. The commissioner must lock the picks and assign the numbers before the start of the Super Bowl.

For league commissioners:
How do I invite people to my league?
You must provide others a link to our site ( and give them the League ID (the assigned number) and League Password either via email or other means. You choose a League Password when you create a league. The League Password is not the same as your user account password!

Can I delete a user from my league?
Yes, from the Squares page under Commissioner Tools select View League Members. You can delete a user by selecting Remove User and this will delete the user from your league as well as their squares picks.

How can I leave a message to members of my league online?
This can be done when the league is created from the League Setup or after the league has been set up. From the squares page select View League Info from the Commissioners Tools. The League Message will appear on the Squares page.

What does it mean when picks are Paid?
The commissioner has the ability to mark picks as "Paid." It is not required to mark picks as "Paid" but this is a way to mark that members have adhered to any other conditions or requirements that you have for your Super Bowl Squares league. Picks can be marked "Paid" on an individual basis or all picks for a league member may be confirmed at one time via the View League Members page.

Can the commissioner change any squares picks?
Yes, the commissioner has the power to delete or assign any picks for any member. The commissioner should be careful not to inadvertently delete or assign any picks.

What is an offline User?
An offline user is a member that is not able to make their picks through The Commissioner has the power to assign picks to a person without them logging in. This does not create an account but just assigns squares to a name. Do this by selecting a square and then from the drop down select Add Offline User.

What does it mean to Change an Offline Member?
This allows the commissioner to change the picks that are assigned to an offline member. Simply select the squares you wish to change and then select Change Offline Member from the Commissioner Tools.

How do I lock the squares and assign the numbers?
After all of the squares are filled, from the Commissioners Tools section of the Squares page select Assign Numbers and Lock Squares.

When do I lock the squares (so no more changes can be made) and assign the numbers to determine the numbers?
This should be done before the start of the Super Bowl. It is the commissioners?responsibility to make sure this is done to prevent anyone from changing their picks after the game starts.

Why can I make changes to picks once I assign the numbers and lock the squares?
There are desirable numbers in football, ones with a higher likelihood of being the second digit of a teams score in the game. Giving the ability to change these numbers after they have been assigned would not be fair.